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DA Digital, led by founder Dan Adler, provides its clients with profitable, effective solutions. By working with the best-in-class partners in the graphic communications and marketing services industries,DA DIGITAL supports clients with the knowledge and experience required to plan and implement successful growth for companies. Customized solutions are offered to enable differentiation, improved response, and the ability to prosper in a competitive and rapidly changing environment.

Digital Print- building a new revenue stream

DA Digital provides services for clients interested in establishing and/or growing business from existing print facilities. New printing platforms and services bring new challenges. DA Digital delivers expertise in a number of areas.

  • Accelerated profitability

  • Needs assessment

  • Executive coaching and mentoring

  • B&W and Color Digital Press applications

  • Digital Print Workflow

  • Designing for digital print

  • Software applications

  • TransPromo applications- How to sell and How to create
Web Applications for Print

Web applications can be customized to fit the way you do business in order to create the most effective and comprehensive program.

  • Web ordering for digital print

  • Online design for personalized communications

  • Web response applications for direct marketing

Direct 1:1 Marketing Campaigns

Direct Marketing applications for a variety of industries can be designed to bring the highest response rates possible, utilizing the newest technology in the industry. Personalized mail has been proven to bring a higher response rate by targeting recipients in an effective and creative manner.  Many industries benefit from new 1:1 marketing campaigns.

  • Banks

  • Insurance

  • Financial

  • Seminar providers

  • Security

  • Hospitality/Travel

  • Health Care

  • Telecommunications

  • Franchises

  • Retail

  • Non-Profit

  • Higher Education

  • Associations


Speaking Engagements

Dan Adler is a frequent speaker at industry events such as Xplor, Graph Expo, On Demand and Seybold and DMA. His unique experience and observations cover a wide range of topics. Dan can speak at your next event about a variety of topics.

  • Digital Print Platforms

  • Workflow

  • Direct Marketing 1:1 markets

  • Direct Marketing applications
  • TransPromo

Growth Readiness Assessment

DA Digital can provide your company with a growth readiness assessment, an essential starting point in understanding the future goals of a
company ... along with the design of an implementation plan of future initiatives.

We work with a model of eight marketing functions and activities:
(1) Product Development and Launch
(2) Distribution Channel Development
(3) Mergers and Acquisition
(4) Customer Business Development
(5) Sales Training
(6) Vertical Market Development
(7) Market Intelligence
(8) Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications (MarCom) is further divided into various elements which include:
• Direct Marketing • User Group • Public Relations • Lead Generation • Collateral Materials • Trade Shows & Events

Traditionally, most companies view Marketing Communications as the only relevant aspect of marketing, especially in the print service provider environment. Based on our experience, DA Digital has found that MarCom achieves measurable results only if those programs are preceded by professional support in all other areas of marketing. Frequently, companies fail to allocate resources and budgets to achieve maximum benefits. As you can see, there’s a lot more to Marketing than MarCom. Our expertise will help identify how to effectively create a total marketing and growth plan for your company.



Working sessions with your company team members, along with presentations and advisory services, may be a way to involve more team members in an interactive setting. All workshops are custom-designed for the specific requirements of each company. Here’s just one example:

“Moving into Full-Color Digital” — a customized, intensive review and solution-based workshop for printers. This two- to three-day on-site session covers all aspects that must be in place to have a successful, growing DIGITAL operation. Reviews and discussions are held on a variety of topics, with the agenda being custom prepared for each specific customer’s requirements. A typical agenda might look like the following, with no two programs ever looking the same. Additional areas of work may also be identified during this workshop.

Day 1

  • Tour of current plant and operation
  • Overview of current clients and applications
  • Presentation to principals of current trends of the industry
  • Review of the following areas:
    > Deeper understanding of current customers and applications
    > Current competition (companies and applications being offered)
  • Review current personnel and skill sets:
    > Sales Organization & customer
    > Data Processing
    > Prepress (PreMedia)
  • Printing equipment and workspace review:
    > Digital
    > Offset
    > Post-processing (folding, perfing, trimming, collating, etc.)

Day 2

  • Discussion of future applications appropriate for your market
  • How to compete with new applications
  • Discussion of plans for the future:
    > Equipment and software
    > Marketing plans
    > Promotions
    > New product development

Day 3 Options:

  • Sales training
  • Open house for printer’s customers
  • Joint customer sales calls
  • Agency visits


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